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Local Physician Protests on Parliament Hill

Economy, NS April 19 2012 – A local physician will take her protest over the plight of the Polar Bear to Parliament Hill between 11am and 1pm on Earth Day April 22. Dr. Karen Ewing will protest on Parliament Hill wearing a life like Polar Bear costume to draw attention to the threatened species. Innua, as she is known, has visited schools and events locally but is now going to the nation’s capital in an attempt to speak for the Polar Bears who cannot speak for themselves.

"The idea originated when I read that by the end of 2012 many female Polar Bears will be unable to reproduce as they don’t have the food to sustain them due to the lack of sea ice. If that doesn’t herald the end of a species I don’t know what does" ...says Ewing. "I felt compelled to act and taking Innua to Parliament Hill on Earth Day will give a voice to the voiceless."

Polar Bears in Canada represent sixty percent of the world’s Polar Bear population and are not protected. They themselves are hunted and the sea ice they need to hunt and feed is vanishing due to global warming. Ewing will be promoting a petition being sponsored by Nature Canada which is focusing on an end to Global Warming without which the Polar Bear will be extinct by the end of the century.

Dr. Ewing, plush polar bear and display
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