We don't want to live in a

World Without

Polar Bears

How to write a letter to save the Polar Bear

Signing the petition is great. Writing, signing and sending a letter is even better.

  • Keep it short. Under a page is best.
  • Hand written letters fine ...if legible. If not, type your letter and don't forget to use spell and grammar check!
  • Say who you are...and why this is important to you... example..."As a parent I want my child..." "As a health care worker I know the Polar Bear is the canary in the mine..." "I want my kids to know I did something to try and help..."
  • Use some Polar Bear facts in your letter. For Example mention, COSEWIC as the body involved in listing the Polar Bear as Endangered. And that the Minister of the Environment must support the listing.
  • Be direct...tell them what you want...Polar Bear Listed on the Endangered Species List.
  • Remind them they have the power...as legislators to save the Polar Bear or allow them to become extinct in their lifetime.
  • Don't forget to cc (copy) your letter to the PM's office and the Department of the Environment. It is very effective to have a politician know that your letter is reaching other people's desks as well. You can find your MP's address at www.dwatch.ca and remember postage to the House of Commons is free.
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